About i-Saksham

India is plagued by the education crisis. While the government is taking sincere efforts to improve provisioning of education, constraints especially in the backward areas such as poor availability of teachers, under-resourced schools, multi-grade classrooms, etc. have resulted in poor learning levels time and again. Apart from this, education systems have largely been around rote learning globally making learning a gruelling task and also eradicating a child’s imagination and ability to rationalise things.

i-Saksham Education and Learning Foundation was established in 2015 by three ex-Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows as a response to the challenges of education witnessed by them during their fellowship in Jamui and Munger, two of the extremism affected districts in Bihar.

Three Pillars

About Sambhav

Sambhav Foundation Has A Deep-Rooted Goal To Assist People In Achieving Their Full Potential And Bring About A Socio-Economic Change In Their Lives. Sambhav Foundation Provides For Effective Engagement Of Employees In Social Initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Sambhav Foundation Partners with corporates for impactful design and implementation of sustainable CSR initiatives. Sambhav works towards bringing a positive change in women, youth and children through health, skill development, entrepreneurship and education related projects The Involvement Of Companies In Social Activities Helps In Enhancing Corporate Image And Leads To Improved Publicity Which In Turn Can Help In Expanding Market Share. CSR Encourages Companies To Work Closely With The Local Community As Their Key Stakeholders And Contribute Resources To The Community And Improve Quality Of Life. Sustainable Development Will Not Be Achieved Through Government Actions Alone. It Requires Helpful Hands From All Stakeholders Including The Business Entities Through The CSR Initiatives.