Save Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as one of the largest Business Correspondent Network in India has established 10000+ Kiosks (Customer Service Point: a kind of Information technology enabled kiosk run by local entrepreneur for facilitating basic banking services) in 28 states of India with an special focus on rural areas. Save Solutions is known for its best services to rural unbanked people considering banking services. This is possible with a well evolved in-house IT architecture with Integrated MIS with usage of quality human resource. This mechanism delivers better fund management systems and smooth operations across country, continuous monitoring along with initial hand holding support with very quick grievances resolution mechanism provides additional strength for catering to the financial inclusion needs of the country. All the Customer Service Points (CSPs) or Kiosk personnel are provided computer trainings, cash management system training to improve client enrolment and service delivery, it improves their incomes and there by improves Save Solutions overall service performance.


Operative Values :

Right Focus - Customer first

Our products, processes and people are all focused on creating the highest value for the customer. This includes being respectful to customers, understanding the needs of customers and being transparent with customers.

Right Means - Ethics always

We will follow ethical practices in all our relationships at all times, including following the law both in letter and spirit. This includes not offering bribes, not paying or taking commissions, or any other short-cuts.

Right way - Consistent quality

We will have standardised processes as this will enable us to reach out to the most customers cost effectively. We will foster innovation but in a way that ensures consistent quality

Key Differentiating factors: How are we different from others?

  • Highly experienced and well qualified Board members / Senior leadership team.
  • Unique CSP(Customer service point) embedded collection process which makes the SAVE’s branches 100% cashless (only MFI in Indian microfinance sector to achieve this milestone)
  • We respect to innate Power of Women, promote Financial Literacy and Skill Development.
  • Robust IT platform.
  • Paperless operations, except those required statutorily.
  • Well-designed training and capacity building programme for credit users to make them understand group-dynamics and judicious loan utilization.