SAVE’s mission and vision are derived from the values of social responsibility, mutual harmony & innovation. We, as an organization, are consistently committed to the betterment of society. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and community outreach programs, we try to create an impact beyond our regular business.

The quality of primary education in backward districts like Gaya is distressing. To tackle the issue, SAVE has partnered with i-Saksham – a social organization led by 3 PMRDF Fellows, for training the community youth and develop them as edu-leaders of tomorrow for empowering the young generation through primary education. The program is designed in a way that educated youths within the local community are selected and goes through a series of regular training to improve their subject knowledge, learn modern pedagogy tools, and impart quality primary education by catering to the child’s learning and understanding needs. With the use of innovative pedagogy methods, teaching-learning materials, and contextual application of digital technology, we strive to bring substantial change in learning outcomes.